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Artificial Grass Tiles
by Aslon

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Artificial grass tiles are rubber tiles to which a top layer of artificial grass has been applied. The artificial grass is pressed onto the rubber tiles in such a way that the tile remains porous.

The advantage of artificial grass tiles is that compared to standard rubber tiles, they have a softer and more luxurious top layer.

The drainage structure ensures that water is channelled away quickly leaving the artificial grass to dry out in a short time. Without drainage, artificial grass can stay wet for a long time.

Aslon artificial grass tile on the Terrace or Balcony

Aslon artificial grass tiles can be fitted directly onto the roofing. Artificial grass tiles are lightweight so they are highly suited for use on balconies. They are also ideal for use on roof terraces due to their excellent porosity in conjunction with the studded structure of the underside which allows rain water to drain away immediately leaving the surface of the rubber tiles dry within a very short time. Aslon artificial grass tiles have a porosity of 250 mm per hour in accordance with EN 12616.

Aslon artificial grass tiles on the Playground

Rubber tiles give children the chance to play to their heart’s content. Protection against cuts and other injuries play a key role in all this. The shock-absorbing tiles deliver the optimum combination of safe play and fun. Aslon artificial grass tiles have a porosity of 250 mm per hour in accordance with EN 12616.

Colour Size Thickness Porosity Qty /
111500135 Green 50x50mm 25mm 250mm/h 36


  • High quality top layer of artificial grass
  • Lightweight; 18 kg per m2
  • Porosity of 250 mm per hour
  • Can be placed directly on roofing (except PVC roofing)
  • Fall protection
  • Underside of tile is studded to enable water to drain away
  • Handy to use compared to four-metre-wide artificial grass roll
  • Five year guarantee on wear resistance
  • Critical fall height values – Head Injury Criterion (HIC) - 0.80 metre for 25mm thickness

Dowel joints                        

Aslon Rubber tiles are available with dowel joints. On two edges of each tile there are four holes. Four plastic pins are inserted into these holes allowing the tiles to be joined together.

The benefits of a dowel joint are:

  • Increased stability
  • Anti-theft
  • Demountable


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