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CenFlex Flexible Rail Fence
Plastic Fencing Rail

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Flexible 5″ Rail Fence

The CenFlex 5" Flexible Rail Fencing is the more cost effective of the two premier non-conductive horse fencing rails that Centaur offers. It provides the same top-of-industry technology that makes Centaur one of fencing's most innovative companies. The CenFlex flexible rail features Centaur's signature polymer coating, so it will never split or rot, providing a huge advantage in protecting the animals from accident. The flexing technology draws from the full strength of the rail, making it able to support up to 4,000 pounds of pressure at any given point. Essentially, a horse running at this fence, even at full speed, would harmlessly bounce off, maintaining the health of the horse and preventing huge losses.

Features & Benefits:

  • Simple one-piece “belt loop” line bracket system.
  • CenFlex installs faster than wood/PVC
  • Will never splinter, rust or rot // Almost no maintenance required.
  • Withstands expansion due to temperature changes // No snapping or sagging rails.
  • Each rail is installed in a continuous length allowing impact to be absorbed by the entire length of the fence // Helps reduce broken fencing and injury to animals
  • Easily combined with other Centaur fencing products
  • Three 12.5 gauge galvanized high tensile steel wires embedded in a polymer coating
  • Over 4,200 lbs in break strength (weight of a mid-size SUV)
  • Ideal for moderate fence budgets.
  • Warranty: 20 year limited manufacturer warranty covers all manufacturer defects including chipping and peeling.
No Boards To Replace, No Painting

Installation Guidelines


  • 20 Year Limited Warranty (read more)
  • 4,200 lbs of strength per rail
  • Withstands temperature of -40°C to 93.3°C
  • Available in 330′ or 660′ rolls

Centaur One-Piece Line Bracket

The CenFlex® one-piece bracket is specially designed for the CenFlex® (non-electric) fence system. This simple one-piece “belt loop” design allows the fence rail to move freely between the line bracket and wood fence post. This promotes easy tension adjustment and flexibility upon impact.

  • Centaur One-Piece Line Bracket (402700765) - more info

Centaur Barrel Tensioners

Centaur’s low profile tensioners mount unobtrusively to end or line posts, preserving the traditional rail appearance. Specially designed for 5″ flexible rail, these tensioners are crafted from heavy duty steel and powder coated to help prevent corrosion. Barrel tensioners make installation and adjustments simple and fast. The block and sprocket design requires no special tools. Tensions with a standard 1/2 inch drive socket wrench.

  • One-Way Barrel Tensioner (402700773) - more info
  • Two-Way Barrel Tensioner (402700775) - more info

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